The International Ski Federation (FIS) holds the biennial FIS Alpine Ski Championships, where skiers come from far and wide to compete. The competition began in 1931 in Switzerland and has been a segue for many competitors to the Olympics. The highly revered competition consists of three main events slalom, giant slalom and downhill. FIS Alpine is a mecca for sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. FIS Alpine is a well renowned and respected company that has a swell of loyal followers. The goal of the poster is to appeal to a wider range of skiers, gain traction with audiences worldwide and to sell tickets to the races.
As a part of the project, we were prompted to use AfterEffects to make our posters come to life. Considering I did a skiing poster, I decided to throw some snow falling and some animated snow in there! Here is the end result that can be viewed by scanning the QR code of the poster and using the Artivive app to view the animation.

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