Voodoo Venom is a start-up company in the middle of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. With heavy influence from the Creole culture, Voodoo Venom operates as a full- fledged CBD oil store where travelers and locals enjoy different flavors and creations derived from THC. Voodoo Venom’s goal is to normalize CBD oil usage for everyone and make packaging that reflects the New Orleans voodoo roots. 3D renderings of bottles and boxes for the CBD Oil were made in Adobe Dimension. All copy and creation of the box contraption was in house by yours truly utilizing Sutro Deluxe and Sutro Bold as typefaces. An ad campaign created in part with the branding and packaging was also made to engage new audiences and get the face of Voodoo Venom out on the street. Thus, “Feel the doo within you” was born.

Packing Design | Built in Adobe Dimension

I choose to do CBD Oil because it’s currently all the rage, but a lot of the packaging I’ve seen is awful. Too many cannabis leaves and not enough structure. I knew I wasn’t going to go about the packaging process in a traditional way. I mostly wanted to do CBD Oil because I wanted to try CBD myself, but needed to convince my parents. So instead of being a delinquent, I used it as field work! I made this brand as fluid as possible by making it based out of New Orleans and I began to research.

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